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So… You want to hear a story, eh? One about treasure hunters? Haha, have I got a story for you!

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Welcome to the Borderlands Secret Santa 2012 Event, hosted here on tumblr! It is open to everyone interested in joining. You wanna draw? You wanna write? You wanna compose a song, make a papercraft, build the city of Opportunity out of oyster crackers and cheez-whiz?! 

You’ve come to the right place, vault hunter.

♦ How Do I Join? ♦

Send an ask to this blog stating that you’re interested! You have until November 13th to join.

Be sure to include the following things in your ask:

  • What you can/want to do (writing, drawing, etc.)
  • What you would like to receive (writing, drawing, etc.)
  • Things you absolutely will not do under any circumstance (this spans anywhere from characters you absolutely loathe to suggestive content and so on)
  • Whether or not you would like to be a backup gift-giver! Chances are that people will drop out of the activity, or we may have an odd number of people. If drawing more than one thing becomes too much of a hassle, don’t volunteer! We’ll figure something out.

If you don’t receive a reply, it either means your ask was eaten or the blog was hacked by Hyperion intelligence. Loaders will be delivered via lunar supply crate to your area of residence shortly. Also, if you change your username at any point after sending your first ask, or if you decide to quit, please be sure to update us as soon as possible!

♦ Then what? ♦

After you’ve been confirmed, make a text post with your wishlist and tag it #borderlands secret santa. Please keep it safe-for-work! The more choices and ideas you leave for your fellow vault hunter, the better.

On November 15th, you will receive an ask from one of the mods revealing the vault hunter you have been paired with!

You have until December 26th to finish and submit your gift to your partner. If you don’t follow through, you’re going to have a lot of people upset at you and you will not be allowed to join any events hosted by this blog in the future. You have plenty of time to get this finished!

Extensions may be allowed as long as one of the mods is contacted before December 19th. Hey, life happens—no worries. Don’t use this as an opportunity to slack off.

Friendly Reminders

  • Wishlist must be safe-for-work!
  • Keep your partner a secret! Try to avoid posting and tagging works-in-progress.
  • If you have issues with the person you’ve been assigned to and you think you won’t be able to temporarily reconcile your differences, contact a mod so you can be reassigned to someone else.
  • Please put effort into your gift! Don’t draw on lined paper, check your writing, grammar and punctuation in your writing, etc. 
  • It’s open to people of all skill levels! Please be thankful and respectful to your fellow vault hunters. 
  • Keep your asks open!

Questions, comments, concerns, editorials? Send an ask to the blog and you’ll receive a published answer. Updates will be added to the blog periodically and will be tagged #blss update, so be sure to keep track of that tag if you don’t follow!

Happy vault hunting!


hey y’all i’ve kind of got a lot on my plate irl at the moment and also generally lack inspiration for angel so that’s where i’ve been

please don’t nag me to rp, it honestly makes me not want to sign in ever again

i might delete this account and just make a new character

thanks for being patient with me thus far ♥

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Greetings, new Vault Hunter.

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hhhhhhhhhhh i still have so much to do i’m tired of drawing today


hhhhhhhhhhh i still have so much to do i’m tired of drawing today

Seeking the Vault Hunters [hunterofpandora]


Mordecai listened as Angel described two nearby bandit camps. He was leery at first; she had back stabbed him and his friends before. What is stopping her right here and right now? Taking a deep breath, he drew the pistol from his waist and began traveling south. “I’m going to take your word for now, but if something doesn’t add up to me then you better lose this channel.”

He made his way down south as he thought about who took his revolver. “Hey, Angel. I remember them heading south, southwest sort of. They seemed to be matching in black and blue. Does that help at all?” As he finished his sentence shots rang out towards him. Drawing his rifle, he crouched down and looked through his scope. “Be right back, Angel. Got a little…company.”

"I know this won’t mean much right now, but I promise not to waste your time."

Angel lowered the volume of the connection as the first of many gunshots exploded in the background, zooming out on the display in front of her to make a cursory scan of the southern half of the map. Black and blue, matching colors, both of them… She thought about asking if Mordecai could specify the exact color codes in their appearances, but on second thought, things like that probably weren’t normal to know off the top of one’s head. …Especially not while dodging gunfire and a variety of other weapons.

She tore her eyes away from the zoomed portion of the map just in time to notice a pair of marks speeding toward the hunter’s location. “Mordecai, something’s approaching from behind! Get out of the way!”

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Executing a plan. (also bandits) [Closed RP with executingphaseshift]


He got a little ticked when she swore, but at least he’d taught her well enough to censor herself. Maybe he shouldn’t let her hang out with those bandits. She was a lot better behaved without them… Either way, he was more annoyed by her general disinterest in his idea.

“Really, Angel? You’re asking your father to risk his life because you’re not clever enough to scheme? And what’s wrong about making a master plan to kill some bad guys? Don’t say you’re actually getting attached to those brainless savages… C’mon, sweetie, they’re like cave men compared to people like us! They’re nothing! Stop sympathizing with them and help me scheme!” 

He shrugged and thought of something that angel might consider “Family friendly” and decided on chess. “Or uh, we could try playing chess?”

Not clever enough to scheme? Cleverness had nothing to do with it, but the ever-exhausted Siren continued to resist any urge to snap back. “I’m not attached to them. It’s just… some sort of outside contact.” No further explanation was necessary—attempting to justify it would only make things more convoluted.

The oddly-peaceful suggestion made Angel suspicious, but she found herself willingly phaseshifting into one of many computer terminals within her chamber. “You don’t think this is ‘boring’? Playing a game where you sit around and think? I was expecting something more along the lines of a video game…”

Regardless of the answers to come, Angel loaded the digital chess board onto a network shared between herself and Handsome Jack, already settling on a variety of different plans before narrowing it down to just a handful. She exited the terminal, settling on the bed in her chamber, a bright screen floating to the side of her head.

She took the first move as a white pawn before Handsome Jack could lay claim to either color. “…the sort of game where you could kill people without consequence. Or race a vehicle. You enjoy things like that, don’t you? Living vicariously through electronics? …Or am I wrong?”


That’s fantastic news! I can’t thank you enough.

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Executing a plan. (also bandits) [Closed RP with executingphaseshift]


Jack paced back and forth in his office, bored as hell. Like, you moronic bandits with below average IQ’s wouldn’t even be able to comprehend the boredom he was feeling. Now, if you were closer to 150 or 160 you’d have a chance, but that’s probably still enough. All of jack’s valuable brain cells were currently working hard to figure out something fun to do that’d keep him from going crazy with boredom. So naturally he called up each of the people he trusted. And since Warden and bunker were busy that only left his daughter.

“Hey Pumpkin! Your father here, wonderin’ if you could help me out with a little problem I’m having. Ya see, I’m bored as hell, and you’re smart. So maybe we could argue about something? Or maybe we could like, hatch a scheme to kill those pesky vault hunters? You know, fun, family friendly stuff.”

As much as Angel wanted to “accidentally” snub the connection, the least amount of verbal resistance was bound to make Jack leave her alone sooner. “Being bored doesn’t sound like it’s as much of a problem as you’re making it out to be. Killing people for fun isn’t something I’d call ‘family friendly’ or ‘fun’. It’s wrong and you know it is.”

Not that a brief lesson in morality would make any difference, but it was worth a mention regardless. “If you’re bored, why don’t you watch a movie? Or go outside, even; I bet that’d be a real fuckin—uh… freaking blast. You know, since there’s people out there who’d probably kill others if you asked them to. Or you. I’m sure some sort of bloodshed would ensue either way.”